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Michael Jackson Obsessor's Journal
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Sunday, November 1st, 2009
2:51 pm
NEVERLAND [70 icons]
All icons are made from real images of Michael Jackson's Neverland estate (based off the classic tale of Peter Pan). I worked to preserve a sense of magic, sparkle, and mystery.

● credit: theidolhands
● comments appreciated
no hotlinking
● icons aren't bases

If you want to view paradise...

*click the "michael jackson" tag to view every icon in that theme.
*click the "icon" tag to view ALL created.
Tuesday, August 10th, 2004
11:39 pm
i need to know the moves to the Music video thriller FAST,

does anybody know where i can dind the moves online?

thank you

Current Mood: anxious
Saturday, December 6th, 2003
11:26 pm
"Human Nature" is most definately my favorite MJ cut. mmm-hmm, mmm-hmm, mmm-hmm.
Wednesday, November 26th, 2003
6:24 pm
thank you for your interest in our cause
This "blog" is designed by and for all the victims and their families who have or are in the process of finding closure to the family trauma casued by Mr. Michael Joseph Jackson. We are a non-profit support group who know what it is like to finally find the courage to tell the world what is going on in Neverland only to be re-victimized by the MTV-obsessed masses. We do charge a slight fee for the use of some of our services, such as our 24/7 1-800 phone support numbers or our special insurance program to cover your family's medical costs due to the possibility of contamination from contact with the liberal media (but, we do not bill you for anything until we are informed that your family has received a settlement from the estate of Michael Jackson.) All new paying members also receive a complimentary t-shirt.
Saturday, November 15th, 2003
4:37 pm
Another MJ Community........Sweet!
Hey! I'm new to this community, so let me give you the run down on myself. I've been an MJ fanatic since I was 3 (maybe longer). I'm 17 now. I have all his albums and DVDs and intend to buy both the DVD and CD for Number Ones when they come out. I would love to talk to anyone who is as big an MJ fan as I am.

Current Mood: excited
Wednesday, January 15th, 2003
2:18 am
Michael Jackson needs to fake his own death, so as to lock in his position as the greatest martyr the world has ever know.

Jesus Who?
Saturday, August 3rd, 2002
12:14 am
Oy...I haven't posted in here in awhile...I'm not even really sure what's going on with MJ right now...*bad me*...but, anyhoo, Hello MJ fans!!!
Friday, June 28th, 2002
6:20 pm
just because you read it ina magazine or see it on a tv screen don't make it factual

hehe i miss you michael fans. post more damnit!

(i know i have slacked off in posting)
Saturday, May 4th, 2002
10:54 pm
i'm new, i just joined (duh)...and i am absolutely OBSESSED with our little mjj!! did any of you guys catch him performing on American Bandstand last night? How good did he look? I was kinda disappointed in his performance though because he didn't do a song from Invincible, and also he did it the same exact way that he did on the '95 VMAS. Not to say that it was amazing like ALL his performances...but I think it could've been different because he doesn't really make a lot of tv appearances/performances anymore. :(

Anywayz um I have a question, I really want a nice MJ icon...do any of you have any to spare?

bye mj peoplez :)

<3 Nilsa
Friday, March 1st, 2002
11:48 pm
Where are you guys?
Or where's MJ, for that matter? He seems to have disappeared somewhere....I just hope that he doesn't end up like Mariah Carey, being bought out of the rest of his contract..*shudders*.
Wednesday, February 6th, 2002
8:06 am
"Will You Be There...."
Did you know that in the beginning of "Free Willy" (at least on the older versions) there's the video for "Will You Be There", only they mixed it up so there's scenes of him then scenes from the movie? I forgot about it for the longest time, then I remembered and pulled out our old copy and...there it was! It's beautiful. :)

Current Mood: calm
Sunday, February 3rd, 2002
3:16 pm
i miss the early 90's michael..with the white shirts and curly hair..
Wednesday, January 30th, 2002
8:01 am
People people people! Where are you? Who can agree that "Dangerous the Short Films" is one of the best films ever made?

Current Mood: silly
Saturday, January 12th, 2002
9:22 pm
UGH Britney Spears sucked so bad! you could barely hear her and she cant dance and she was messing up the words. he completely blew her away. she didnt deserve to be on the same stage as him.
Thursday, January 3rd, 2002
7:47 am
Which rerelease is the best out of the 4 (besides Bad--I am getting that one anyways)? Because I am going to but 2 of them, and Bad will definitely be one of the 2.
7:47 am
Which rerelease is the best out of the 4 (besides Bad--I am getting that one anyways)? Because I am going to but 2 of them, and Bad will definitely be one of the 2.
Monday, December 24th, 2001
6:59 pm
Is it or is it not Madonna that sings with MJ in "In the Closet"?

Oh, yes. Merry Christmas!!

Current Mood: curious
Saturday, December 22nd, 2001
1:17 pm
she likes the boys in the band, she knows when they come to town
Wednesday, December 19th, 2001
7:39 am
Here's a question for you...Favorite Jackson 5 song? Mine are that Dance and Shout song and I Want You Back, but I also like Can You Feel It and I'll Be There
Tuesday, December 11th, 2001
12:51 pm
I wish I knew another MJ fanatic, I mean personally. I have you guys, and you guys are great, but I have no one to make random remarks to about how great I think he is or this picture I just saw of him that was really good or whatever. Last night I read this little article about him in the Rolling Stone with a title something to the effect of "Michael Jackson Heals World, World Recoils in Mortal Terror". I had no one to exclaim the unfairness of it all to!!! It was a terrible article the underrate him horribly. Hee hee, but in another magazine someone wrote in and told them how unfairly it was for the critic to bring personal bashes into his record reviews, and how he still has millions of fans around the world. If they only knew!!

Current Mood: indifferent
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